Benefits of Ceramic Wax for Cars

Car owners want their four-wheelers to be in good condition for as long as possible. So they treat them almost like family members. They pamper and ‘nurture’ the vehicles to keep them in factory condition for as long as possible. Still, even with all the efforts, it’s clear that some changes must take place in your tin pet, especially if you drive it every day.

Everyday drive exposes your car to various adverse factors. These can be water, dust, pebbles on the road, high and low temperatures, and chemicals. Despite regular washing, these elements will leave marks on the varnish in the form of small scratches or cracks. Also, prolonged exposure to sunlight leads to fading or peeling of the paint.

Luckily, there’s a whole line of car cosmetic products. Yet, those used until recently offered only short-term care, as you had to apply them after every wash. That is why the manufacturers came up with a longer-lasting solution. It’s a car wax enriched with tiny ceramics particles, i.e., silicon oxide. This coating has high strength and chemical inertness, which provides increased resistance to atmospheric influences.

Increased Durability

Ceramic wax is a new development in vehicle detailing. It offers the same protective strength and cloud-reflecting shine as any professional coating. It is available in many car washes, but you can also apply it yourself. While the initial cost is higher than the average car wax, you can expect to see results after just one application.

The most common type of ceramic coating contains particles of epoxy or polymer. Both can bind to the paint permanently and create an almost invisible protective layer. And once the coating sets down and thickens, it’s impossible to remove it without professional polishing.

Glossy Finish

The top layer of ceramic coating is hard and durable. That makes this product an excellent choice for people concerned about their vehicle’s appearance. This coating bonds to the car paint more efficiently than any conventional product. Its glossy finish gives a candy-like impression to surfaces, which is functional and looks great. Plus, it prevents the color from fading.

This wax with improved formula requires a specific application. Of course, you can do it yourself, as many DIY kits are available on the market. You can find some instructions here. But that work can be time-consuming and shabby.

On the other hand, skilled professionals have the necessary tools and experience. These pros will wash and degrease your four-wheeler and, finally, polish it. Once the vehicle is dry, they will apply ceramic protection to its entire surface using a specialized applicator. The movements must be smooth and easy. The room in which they work must be clean and have stable conditions.

Your vehicle will be transformed into an almost new state during the treatment. It will get a shine back as if you had just taken it out of the salon. You can’t achieve that effect even with the most expensive car waxes.

Prevent Superficial Scratches

Another benefit of ceramic car wax is that it builds layers over time. In contrast, every new coating of traditional car wax means that the previous one is a long time gone. Ceramic protection usually requires a single layer. It’s pretty much self-sufficient, so there’s no need for more waxing.

This coating is excellent at protecting your car from chemicals and superficial damage from pebbles. The coated surfaces will be smooth and shiny, as this polymer can ‘hide’ some superficial imperfections and blemishes on your car. But it’s far from all-mighty. It still can’t save you from reckless drivers in the parking or contact with another vehicle or obstacle.

Repels Dirt

After coating the vehicle with ceramic wax, its varnish becomes water-repellent. In simple words, the surface repels water, so your car gets less dirty, even if you drive them daily. Owners who have problems with resin or bird droppings will be especially grateful for this feature.

This special ceramic protection can easily be applied to the wheel rims, too. Drivers know these (expensive) accessories suffer a lot. Dirt, oil, salt, and constant mechanical shocks (stones from the road) can scratch them or damage paint. This improved wax will protect your rims from most of these influences.

Ceramic coating will create an invisible protective hydrophobic layer on wheel rims. It will repel dirt and protect from various physical and chemical damage. Besides, these accessories will keep the effect of salon glow. Also, cleaning and maintenance are way easier.

Easier Washing

This improved wax makes washing your car easier. A smooth, coated surface doesn’t hold dirt. So even if some water or oily stains appear, you can easily remove them with a clean cloth. A few rubs here and there, and your four-wheeler will get its shiny finish back.

Washing a car coated with ceramic wax won’t rub away the varnish. So it’s an excellent choice for people who want to preserve the appearance of their vehicles for a long time. You should apply high-quality ceramic wax to the entire car surface. It’s recommended for vehicles that receive regular cleanings, like taxis.

Check the source below for some handy car wash guidelines:

UV Protection

Another advantage of ceramic car wax is that it provides a high level of protection from UV rays. It also protects the paint against acidic pollution from the air, which can trigger oxidation and thus make your car look dull.

The good thing about ceramic coating is that you can use it on windows and headlights. The application process is the same as for painted and metal parts of the car. Ceramic particles will protect the headlights from scratches and UV radiation. It will also work against discoloration due to condensation and oxidation. Headlights will be crystal clear, and you will save a significant amount of money on depreciation.

Nano-coatings with ceramic particles are great investments for your four-wheeler. They are easy to apply and have minimal maintenance needs, making them an excellent option for daily driving. Besides, this improved wax lasts longer and adds luster and depth to your paint.