Best Subway and Mosaic Tiles Manufacturing Companies 2022 in Morbi

Nowadays there are so many types of tiles are available in the Morbi tiles market. In small tiles, there are 2 types of tiles that are very famous in the market. The first one is Subway Tiles and another one is Mosaic Tiles. Subway tiles are very old types of tiles and Mosaic tiles are new to the market. There is a limited company in Morbi which are manufacturing Subway and Mosaic tiles.

Subway and Mosaic Tiles Manufacturing Companies 2021

Types of Small Tiles

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are small sizes of tiles. Subway tiles can be found in squares or rectangles as well. The name subway tiles come from the new your subway. You might have seen that the subway of new your has small tiles on the wall. Subway tiles have various colors and various types of textures as well. Check out subway tiles new york on Wikipedia

Subway tiles glossy and matt

Mosaic Tiles

Small pieces of tiles are arranged in particular patten based on sheets called mosaic tiles. Small pieces of tiles can have multiple colors, textures, or sizes. Mosaic tiles can have multiple shapes, angles, and joints. There are so many types of mosaic tiles available in the market like HEXAGON, OCTAGON, HERRINGBONE, RETRO WEAVE, EYE, RECTANGLE OFFSET, ARABESQUE LANTERN, PICKETS, NOVAHEX.

Mosaic tiles colors, shapes

Subway and Mosaic Tiles Companies in Morbi

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