Blizzard Vitrified Morbi


Blizzard Vitrified Morbi

Company Name Blizzard Vitrified Morbi
Company Address Survey No 81P2, 82/1, 82/2P1 & 82/2P2, Lunsar Road, Opp. Bhojapara, 8-A, National Highway, Jetparda Ta. Wakaner Dist. Morbi, Gujarat - 363621, India
Contact Number +91 9879981081
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Company Type Manufacturer

For latest Blizzard Vitrified price list and Blizzard Vitrified design you can call us on +91 8866152115 or Whatsapp on +91 8866152115 Blizzard Vitrified review also can be found by contacting us.

About Blizzard

Blizzard Vitrified LLP is located in the outskirts of Morbi – The ceramic hub of India.
The company is equipped with fully automatic advanced Italian technology. Our manufacturing system ensures reduces wastage and lowest pollution is emitted which directly saves ENVIRONMENT, WATER, ELECTRICITY, and ENERGY.

Our innovation never stops and all products are being produced strictly in accordance with international standard and national standard of India.

Every phase of the production process is carried out in its whole using advanced technology, in order to guaranty maximum precision in every step of the production processes, obtaining an unbeatable quality for all products.

We are highly aware of everything that concerns the environment: this is why at our production facility we have a high- tech production plant with eco-green technology.

We provide customers with high quality products and excellent services through widespread national and international networks.

BLIZZARD vitrified LLP is in a dominant position in the competitive market resulting from its pricing strategy and persistence in quality.

The well qualified and experienced supervising a team and the automated machines installed in the plant make wastage to lowest and extra care is taken by the management team so that “customer complaint” becomes only just a word.

Who We Are

A Team of visionary youths, who were hailing from small villages of Gujarat, come up with the innovative ideas that lead to constant success in Ceramic industries.
Our group is a pioneer in ceramic industries, has been in the business of ceramic machinery, tools and molds since 2001 and holds an excellent reputation in Industries.

After a few years of successful functioning in industries, Team came up with the new futuristic idea in the ceramic product as a “BLIZZARD”

Group employs the best practices and highest quality standards in the industry.

With the combination of the latest technology and skilled manpower BLIZZARD, Vitrified LLP constantly works on improving quality and continuing with the research and development of new product range.

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