Fusion Granito Tiles Morbi


Fusion Granito Tiles Morbi

Company Name Fusion Granito Tiles Morbi
Company Address Survey No, 555/P1/P1, Jetpar Road, Bela, Rangpar Khokhra Hanuman Temple, Morbi - 363641, Dist. Morbi, Gujarat, India
Contact Number +91 98256 11019
Company Website http://www.fusiongranito.com/
Company Email info@fusiongranito.com
Products Type
Company Type Manufacturer

For latest Fusion Granito Tiles price list and Fusion Granito Tiles design you can call us on +91 8866152115 or Whatsapp on +91 8866152115 Fusion Granito Tiles review also can be found by contacting us.

Product NameSize
Glazed Vitrified tiles600 x 600 mm (24×24 inch)
Glazed Vitrified tiles600 x 1200 mm (24×48 inch)

Message from Fusion Granito Morbi

We are one of the leading manufacturing & exporter of Glazed & Polished vitrified floor tiles industry. We are emerging company utilizing our FUSION brand with all state of the art infrastructure & maintaining all quality standard.

Fusion Granito is passionate about delivering great design means customers always get to see what is fresh and new. FG present an extensive choice of surface designed products that have been carefully manufactured with implementing the best plant & machinery along with maintaining strict quality standard.

We at FUSION GRANITO, work with you and your team to identify feasibility, establish and fulfilling your requirements to provide the best possible solution for the client or any project. Fusion Granito launched an exclusive range of Glazed Vitrified Tiles & Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles flooring with High Gloss, Matt Finish, Sugar Finish, Roto Finish and Wooden finish.

With the state of the art infrastructure, utilizing all manufacturing capacity and capabilities to line up desired result which brings ultimate matching for almost all interior or exterior conceptual design & delivering extra decor and durability.

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