Ibiz Smart Marble Tiles Morbi


Ibiz Smart Marble Tiles Morbi

Company Name Ibiz Smart Marble Tiles Morbi
Company Address Sr. No. 1067/1 P1,2,3,4,6, Behind Nexion, Halvad Road, Ghuntu, Morbi - 363642., Gujarat, India
Contact Number +91 92385 92385
Company Website https://www.ibissmartmarble.com/
Company Email info@ibissmartmarble.com
Products Type
Company Type Manufacturer

For latest Ibiz Smart Marble Tiles price list and Ibiz Smart Marble Tiles design you can call us on +91 8866152115 or Whatsapp on +91 8866152115 Ibiz Smart Marble Tiles review also can be found by contacting us.

Product NameSize
Porcelain Slab Tiles1200×1200 mm (48×48 inch)
Porcelain Slab Tiles1200×2400 mm (48×96 inch)
Porcelain Slab Tiles800×1600 mm (32×64 inch)
Porcelain Slab Tiles800×2400 mm (34×96 inch)
Porcelain Slab Tiles900×1800 mm (36×72 inch)

iBiz Smart Marble Pvt. Ltd. Morbi

iBiz smart marble is one of the leading porcelain slab ties manufacturing company in the Morbi. iBiz smart marble provides the best quality in the slab tiles like Italy companies. iBiz marble has different sizers in porcelain slab tiles. like 1200×1200 mm (48×48 inch),1200×2400 mm (48×96 inch), 800×1600 mm (32×64 inch), 800×2400 mm (34×96 inch), 900×1800 mm (36×72 inch).

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